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Business Development Manager

Lead of Business Development in Europe.

Lead of Submersible Equipment Business Development Globally.

What kind of specialist are we looking for?

1.    Who has а higher technical education.

2.    Who has experience in active sales to a global market. A positive long-term (10-30 years) experience in sales of electrical equipment (one of following options):

-    from European manufacturers of medium voltage equipment, like Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Danfos, Power Electronics (Spain) or from European offices of Japanese, Taiwanese and American manufacturers, like Toshiba, Yaskawa, Hitachi, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Delta, and others.

-    from European or Asian low-voltage equipment manufacturers: in addition to those listed above - Electronika Santerno, Omron, Fuji, LG and others,

-    from European or American manufacturers or submersible equipment, like Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Oxford, Borets, Novomet. RMS, Netzsch and others.

3.    Who knows the names of real buyers, prices, volumes, etc. Who has connections inside these companies what we are interested in. Has its own authority among buyers. Understands well the needs of customers and the problems that they want to solve.

4.    Who has knowledge and a thorough understanding of what he sells. And knows all market aspects of electrical equipment.

5.    Who is ready and willing to take responsibility in the sale of products in a new market for the company.

6.    Who has experience in organizing a new department and managing a team.

What do we offer:

1.    Work in an international manufacturing Company.

2.    Terms of payment: salary + commission on marginal revenue from sales.

3.    For the first time, work from home. Approximately 30-40% of the working time is business trips and meetings with customers. After a while - the organization of the office of the company and work as part of a small team.

4.    Work with constant professional challenges, solving  complex and challenging      tasks.

5.    An opportunity to independently:

- organize the work of the office and realize its managerial potential.

- develop and implement a sales strategy in the new market for the Сompany.

- influence your own profits and company profits.

- influence the strategy and development of the Company not only in the European market.


- to be involved in the creation of an important and necessary product for people, to have an impact on improving product quality and its usefulness to the consumer.

- bring into  the activities of their consumers / customers / partners such opportunities that will enable them to solve their most important tasks.

- the opportunity to in time say to oneself "this is my brainchild".

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